Water Testing

April 2023 

The Chilliwack School District is committed to the health and safety of all its students and staff and prioritizes safe drinking water by regularly testing and monitoring the quality of its water sources. 

The Chilliwack School District is following all required guidelines by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Child Care to test all drinking water locations for lead content. Every school facility is tested once every 3 years, with 33% of facilities being tested each year. 

If a location is found to have a concentration of lead above 0.005mg/L, it is immediately identified with signage or taken out of use until mitigation work can take place. Mitigation strategies may include adding signage to indicate that the fixture is not a source for drinking, decommissioning the fixture permanently, replacing plumbing water lines, replacing the fixture, or adding an NSF 53/42 certified filter. 

Locations such as bathroom sinks, custodial room sinks, utility sinks, laboratory (Science) sinks, and certain classroom sinks which are not expected to be sources of drinking water will receive a notification sign to indicate that they are not to be used for drinking. These locations are not tested, and the sign is only put up as a precautionary measure to raise awareness. 

Further information can also be found here.


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