E-Registration for 2018/2019 is open.  

E-Reg is for the following student registrations:

  • *Kindergarten
  • *Current student wishing to change schools
    • *Does not apply to students who are transitioning within district to their catchment middle or secondary school.

  • New to school district

E-Registration for the 2019/20 is open.  

  • A system generated confirmation email will be sent to you when your registration is received.
  • The catchment school will contact you regarding your requested registration in the new year (January 2019).

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Important Dates:

June 1 - In-catchment registrations received by this date can anticipate a confirmed placement at their catchment school.

June 15 - Principals communicate with parents regarding enrolment for September for catchment, out-of-catchment and out-of-district students who have applied prior to June 1, 2018.

AFTER June 15 - Placements for registrations of out-of-catchment students received after June 15, will be addressed before the start of the upcoming school year. Parents and guardians can anticipate being contacted by the school prior to school start up. 

Registrations for in-catchment students received after June 15, will be addressed before the start of the upcoming school year. Parents and guardians of in-catchment students can anticipate placement in their catchment school.

E-Reg Requirements

To complete e-registration you will need the following:

  • a valid email address
  • photo or scan showing proof of child's age and citizenship
  • photo or scan showing proof of residency

NOTE: Only one application form per student, per school year is available. If changes to an existing application, or a second application are required, please contact the EREG Desk for assistance:

Please view the complete list of acceptable documents (FAQ's) before proceeding.

We reserve the right to request additional documents. Applications are considered complete only when all required documents have been submitted.

E-Registration Resources and Support


Phone: 604-701-4939

Frequently Asked Questions


Policy 531: School Admission and Choice

Administrative Regulation 531.1: School Admission and Choice

Excerpt from AR 531.1

If space and facilities are determined to be available, enrolment in educational programs in the school will be offered in the following priority order, provided that application deadlines and requirements are met:

Category A

  • continuing student who attended the school or feeder school during the previous year.

Category B

  1. catchment area student wait-listed before March 1 from previous years.
  2. other catchment area student
  3. new non-catchment area student who is a sibling of a continuing non-catchment area student

Category C

  • non-catchment area child

Category D

  • non-school district child


Information & Announcements


Registration for 2019/20 School Year is open.

After you have registered, you will receive a system generated email confirming that your registration has been received. You will be contacted by your catchment school in the new year (January 2019).

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