BAA Courses

Board/Authority Authorized Courses are offered by schools to respond to the local needs of the schools and their communities while providing choice and flexibility for students. BAA courses are authorized by Boards/Authorities according to requirements set by the Ministry of Education. Learn more...


Course Name   School    Grade  Approved
Academic Language Development District 10 2017/2018
Construction Electrical CSS 10 2017/2018
Construction Electrical  CSS 11 2017/2018
Construction Electrical  CSS 12 2017/2018
Equine Studies CSS 10 2017/2018
Health Sciences 12A - Emergency Medical Responder SSS 12 2017/2018
Health Sciences 12B - Emergency Responder ID SSS 12 2017/2018
International Foods GWG 10 2016/2017
Leadership  CSS/SSS/GWG 10 2017/2018
Leadership  CSS/SSS/GWG 11 2017/2018
Leadership  CSS/SSS/GWG 12 2017/2018
Learning Strategies CSS/SSS/GWG 10 2017/2018
Learning Strategies CSS/SSS/GWG 11 2017-2018
Learning Strategies  CSS/SSS/GWG 12 2017/2018
Mindfulness and Movement CSS 11 2017/2018
Principals of Strength Training SSS 11/12 2017/2018
Psychology SSS 10 2017/2018
Small Ensemble Performance CSS 9/10/11/12 2017/2018
Table Tennis Skills  CSS 10/11/12 2017/2018

Information & Announcements

Ready Set Learn Open House Dates 2019

The Ready Set Learn event is a great opportunity to connect your preschooler to their future school. Open House dates are available now! View the flyer here...

These times are subject to change, please confirm with your local school.

Late French Immersion Deadline Approaching!

The deadline to be included in the Late French Immersion Lottery Draw, if needed, is fast approaching. If you are interested in entering at the Grade Six level, the registration deadline is 12:00 pm on Monday January 28, 2019.



Registration for 2019/20 School Year is open.

After you have registered, you will receive a system generated email confirming that your registration has been received. You will be contacted by your catchment school in the new year (January 2019).

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