Health and Safety

Health and Safety information, manuals and processes are available on the District SharePoint site.


Communicable Disease

Communicable Disease Guidelines for K-12 Settings

​​Communicable Disease Guideline Orient​​​​​a​tio​n

Communicable Disease Updates

For more information please view the Communicable Disease page on SharePoint.


Reporting a Workplace Injury

Workplace Injury Incident Reporting Procedures

Worker's Report of Injury or Occupational Disease to the Employer

Employer Incident Investigation Report (EIIR)

Guide to Completing an Employer Incident Investigation Report (EIIR)

Reporting an injury to Student or Parent - SPP Online Incidence Report


Violent Incident Resources

Planning for a Workplace Violence Risk Assessment

Violence Is Not Part of The Job (Poster)

Work Safe Risk Assessment and Safety Plan

Workplace Violent Incident Reporting Procedures

Workplace Violence Risk Assessment (WVRA)

Workplace Violent Incident Report

Worker Safety Plan


Emergency Preparedness

Chilliwack School District Emergency Procedures Manual

City of Chilliwack Flood Protection Information

Provincial Emergency Program (PEP)

Build an Emergency Kit & Grab and Go Bag

For more information please view Emergency Preparedness page on SharePoint.




Driving Students

First Aid

Heat Stress

JOHS Committees

Monthly Safety Topics

New or Young Employees

OHS Regulation (WorkSafeBC)

OHS Regulation & Workers Compensation

Safe Work Procedures

Training Videos

Unsafe Work