Facilities Department

Chilliwack School District Facilities Department

44877 Yale Road West
Chilliwack, BC
Canada V2R 4H3

Phone: 604.792.4327
Fax: 604.792.5220


  • Allan Van Tassel - Director of Facilities & Transportation
  • ebo_ohyybpx@fq33.op.pnac.cb.33ds@kcollub_bor  - Manager of Facilities
  • gbz_avpubyf@fq33.op.pnac.cb.33ds@slohcin_mot - Manager of Facilities
  • oelpr_fgrcurafba@fq33.op.pnac.cb.33ds@nosnehpets_ecyrb - Manager - Facilities (Custodial)

Office Staff

  • pneyn_qnivf@fq33.op.pnac.cb.33ds@sivad_alrac
  • oevggnal_nyraqny@fq33.op.pnac.cb.33ds@ladnela_ynattirb

Work Requests

Place work requests in Asset Planner.

Rentals / Community Use

Bookings of facilities are processed by the Booking Clerk at the Chilliwack NLC available here.