School Organization

Chilliwack School District is committed to a dual-track organization for both Early and Late French Immersion. Within the limits of available space and resources, classes will be organized to form a continuous Early French Immersion program from Kindergarten to Grade Five at Cheam Elementary School. Late French Immersion will be introduced at Grade Six at Chilliwack Middle School (North Side) and Vedder Middle School (South Side).  The current practice has been and for planning purposes, that on the North Side, students enrolled in the Early French Immersion will continue at Chilliwack Middle School. As the Early French Immersion program grows, this will be revisited. All French Immersion students will complete their program at Sardis Secondary School (grades nine through twelve), earning their Dual Dogwood certificate.

Students from a school’s local catchment area will not be displaced to accommodate French Immersion students. As this is a District Program of Choice, the specific locations are subject to change, based on a variety of factors. Parents of elementary, middle, and secondary students will be consulted where decisions are to be made regarding changes in the organization and programming of French Immersion.

School Organization (North Side)

School Organization (South Side)

For more information about the French Immersion program offered at each school site, please follow the links to contact the Principal from each site.