Our Journey to Truth and Reconciliation


On October 6, 2023 all staff (2200 people), wore their orange shirt and participated in this important day of learning. This powerful event, to assist us as we continue our journey toward Truth and Reconciliation is but one more step on our journey as we continue to learn and grow as individuals and as a greater community. This web page contains resources that staff and community can reference to continue this important work. Resources will be added regularly. Check back often!


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The Logo

The image is of an Elder wearing an orange shirt, looking at their story in a book. Indigenous people live with oral teachings, which is how our knowledge and history are passed down through the generations. Even with these teachings, our Elders understand the significance of putting this hard history into books and curriculum, with the hope that all people can build a broader understanding so that this time is not forgotten. Many of our Elders are leaving this world with their stories. We see the importance of recording these stories so they can be used to build understanding and teach this part of Canada’s history. Reconciliation is a difficult bridge to build; starting at the school level gives strong building blocks.

Artist: Sxwoxil

Jason Roberts, whose traditional name is Sxwoxil, is a Stó:lō artist and is a member of Tzeachten First Nation. Jason resides at Soowahlie First Nation. 

From the Planning Committee:

The blank page in this logo holds great significance in our journey, symbolizing the ongoing effort towards truth and reconciliation within our community. Collectively we embark on the next chapter of our journey, inscribing the blank pages.

The Song

Stó:lō Shxwelí Wiyótha : Spirit of the Sto:lo Forever

Stó:lō Shxwelí Wiyótha was written by T'ít'elem Spath (Eddie Gardner) and translated by Yomalot (Rosaleen George); Ts'ats'elexwót (Elizabeth Herrling); Tseloyóthelwet (Shirley Norris) and Xwiyolemót (Tellie Gutteriez).