Our Staff

Superintendent's Office
  • Rohan Arul-pragasam - Superintendent of Schools. Operating under the authority of both the School Act and the Board of Education, the Superintendent is responsible for the supervision of the requirements of the School Act; Organization, Administration, Supervision, and Evaluation of all educational programs in Chilliwack schools. The office of the Secretary Treasurer also falls within the Superintendent's jurisdiction.
  • Paula Jordan - Assistant Superintendent. Responsible for K - 12 Schools and Principals, Staffing, Early Learning, and Superintendent Designate. School Supervision 2022/2023
  • Kirk Savage - Assistant Superintendent. Responsible for K - 12 Schools and Principals, Alternative Education, Staffing, and Superintendent Designate. School Supervision 2022/2023
  • David Manuel - Assistant Superintendent. Responsible for Learning Services (Student Services, Curriculum, Indigenous Education), Information Technology and International Education. Superintendent Designate.
  • Talana McInally - Executive Assistant to the Board of Education
  • Lisa Champagne - Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
  • Joanne Britton -  Executive Assistant
  • Carol Bond - Receptionist/Clerk
  • Niki Wiens - Systems Information and Data Manager
  • Kelly Thiessen - Student Information Technologist
Secretary Treasurer's Office
  • Simone Sangster - Secretary-Treasurer.  Acting as the Board's Administrative Officer, the Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for the overall supervision of business operations in the district and the management of the Board's corporate affairs.
  • Talana McInally - Executive Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer
Financial Services Department
Payroll Department


Human Resources Department

Human Resources provides the following services for teachers, support staff who are members of CUPE, principals and vice principals, management and executive staff:

Post and fill; recruitment; dispatch of teachers teaching on call and casual support staff; collective agreement administration for teachers and CUPE; contract administration for principals, vice principals, executive and management staff; assistance to supervisors in relation to coaching, feedback, discipline and evaluation of employees; job descriptions and job evaluation; compensation management; grievance management; collective bargaining; leave management; coordination of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy requests; assisting with district health and safety, including first aid and workers’ compensation claims; management of criminal record checks for staff and volunteers; wellness and disability management and data management.

International Education

School Supervision 

School Supervision 2022/2023

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