Administrative Regulation/Procedure Manual

The Chilliwack School District is in the process of creating a comprehensive Administrative Procedures Manual. In this process, all current Administrative Regulations are being reviewed to ensure they are current and functional, and that they align with the School Act, Regulations and Orders in Council, and Ministerial Orders.

Administrative Procedures (New)

200 - Partner & Community Relations

255 Administrative Procedure: Privacy Information Management Program
256 Administrative Procedure: Privacy Impact Assessments
257 Administrative Procedure: Critical Incident and Privacy Breach

300 - Students, Instruction & Programs

310 Administrative Procedure: Ordinarily Resident and Non-Resident Students
342 Administrative Procedure: Selection of Learning Resources
343 Administrative Procedure: Procedures for Dealing with Challenged Materials
350 Administrative Procedure: Board/Authority Authorized Courses
356 Administrative Procedure: Safe and Caring Schools: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression
367 Administrative Procedure: Specialty Academies
377 Administrative Procedure: French Immersion


343A Form: Request for Consideration of Learning Resources PRINTABLE
343A Form: Request for Consideration of Learning Resources PDF FILLABLE
BAA Course Template Framework

400 - Health & Safety

In Progress

500 - Human Resources

525 Administrative Procedure: Employee Recognition

600 - Business & Support Services

In Progress


Administrative Regulations (Under Revision)

300 - Administration

300.1 Administrative Regulation: Leadership Appointments and Assignments

307.1 Administrative Regulation: Principal/Vice Principal Performance Appraisal


Principal/Vice Principal Growth Plan Template

Principal/Vice Principal Performance Appraisal Framework

400 - Personnel

401.1 Administrative Regulation: Staff Conflict of Interest

402.1 Administrative Regulation: Respectful Workplace - Definitions and Responsibilities

402.2 Administrative Regulation: Respectful Workplace - Reporting, Investigation and Resolution Procedures

403.1 Administrative Regulation: Police Information Check - Volunteers

404.1 Administrative Regulation: Whistleblower Protection

407.1 Administrative Regulation: Leave of Absence Public or Civic Duty

411.2 Administrative Regulation: Teacher Release for Presenting in-Service

411.3 Administrative Regulation: Principals' and Vice Principals' Annual Conference

413.1 Administrative Regulation: Teacher Appointments

416.2 Administrative Regulation: Department of National Defence Nominations

416.3 Administrative Regulation: In-Province Exchange Programs for Administrators

423.2 Administrative Regulation: Communicable Diseases

424.1 Administrative Regulation: Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

426.1 Administrative Regulation: Employee Recognition

428.1 Administrative Regulation: Expenses

430.1 Administrative Regulation: Teacher Allocations: Elementary Schools

430.2 Administrative Regulation: Teacher Allocations - Middle & Secondary Schools

430.3 Administrative Regulation: Position of Special Responsibility

430.4 Administrative Regulation: Clerical Staff Ratios

430.6 Administrative Regulation: Business Manager Ratios

430.7 Administrative Regulation: Supervision Assistant Ratios


Form 402.2 - Workplace Bullying and Harassment Complaint Form

500 - Students

500.1 Administrative Regulation: Drugs and Alcohol

501.1 Administrative Regulation: Student Discipline and Suspension

501.2 Administrative Regulation: Student Behaviour - Sexual Harassment

503.1 Administrative Regulation: Interrogation of Students by Police

504.1 Administrative Regulation: Ordinarily Resident and Non-Resident Students

506.1 Administrative Regulation: Information on the Medical Alert Form

507.1 Administrative Regulation: Student Records

507.2 Administrative Regulation: Information for Non-Co-Custodial

510.1 Administrative Regulation: District / Authority Awards

511.1 Administrative Regulation: International Student Program

512.1 Administrative Regulation: Supervision of Students during Noon Intermission

514.1 Administrative Regulation: Safe Schools

516.1 Administrative Regulation: Sharing Information by Child and Youth care Workers

518.1 Administrative Regulation: Distribution of Information or Materials

519.1 Administrative Regulation: Dispute Resolution

521.1 Administrative Regulation: Challenge for Credit

522.1 Administrative Regulation: Equivalency

523.1 Administrative Regulation: School Fees

524.1 Administrative Regulation: Physical Restraint and Seclusion

525.1 Administrative Regulation: Support for Student Education Programs

526.1 Administrative Regulation: Anaphylaxis Guidelines

527.1 Administrative Regulation: Acceleration

530.1 Administrative Regulation: Home School Guidelines

531.1 Administrative Regulation: School Admission and Choice

533.1 Administrative Regulation: Maintenance of Order

534.1 Administrative Regulation: Student Dress Guidelines


Form 506.1A: Medical Alert Form PRINT

Form 506.1A: Medical Alert Form FILLABLE

Form 506.1B: Request for Administration of Medication at School

Form 506.1B: Request for Administration of Medication at School FILLABLE

Form 506.1C: Medicine Dispensing Record

Form 506.1D: Request for Temporary Administration of Non-Prescription Medication at School

Form 506.1D: Request for Temporary Administration of Non-Prescription Medication at School FILLABLE

Form 518.1: Distribution of Materials

600 - Instructional Educational Programs

601.1 Administrative Regulation: Selection of Learning Resources

602.1 Administrative Regulation: Guidelines for Conducting Research Studies in Schools

603.1 Administrative Regulation: BAA Courses

604.1 Administrative Regulation: Library Learning Commons

604.2 Administrative Regulation: Role of the Teacher Librarian in the Library Learning Commons

605.1 Administrative Regulation: Technology Use

605.2 Administrative Regulation: Social Media

606.1 Administrative Regulation: Procedures for Dealing with Challenged Materials

607.1 Administrative Regulation: Placement of Special Needs Students

608.1 Administrative Regulation: Assistance Dogs in Schools

610.1 Administrative Regulation: Pets-Animals in the Classroom

611.1 Administrative Regulation: District magnet Schools, Schools of Choice

612.1 Administrative Regulation: Alternate Delivery for Personal Planning

613.1 Administrative Regulation: Specialty Academies

623.1 Administrative Regulation: Student Field Experiences

628.1 Administrative Regulation: French Immersion


Form 602.1: Application for Conducting Research in Chilliwack Schools

Form 602.1: Application for Conducting Research in Chilliwack Schools FILLABLE

Form 603.1A: BAA Courses - Application and Review Guide

Form 603.1B: BAA Courses - Approval Committee

Form 606.1: Request for Reconsideration of Learning Resources

Form 606.1: Request for Reconsideration of Learning Resources FILLABLE

Form 608.1: Assistance Dog Request Checklist

Form 608.1: Assistance Dog Request Checklist FILLABLE

Form 623.1D: Volunteer Driver Authorization

Form 623.1D: Volunteer Driver Authorization FILLABLE

Technology Acceptable Use Agreement (Forms associated with Policy 605 Technology Use are available for staff on SharePoint)

700 - Support Services

701.1 Administrative Regulation: Agricultural Lime

701.3 Administrative Regulation: Buildings and Grounds

701.4 Administrative Regulation: Occupational Health and Safety

702.1 Administrative Regulation: First Aid

703.3 Administrative Regulation: Vandalism

703.4 Administrative Regulation: Vandalism and Theft

703.5 Administrative Regulation: Access to Buildings

703.6 Administrative Regulation: Vandalism

704.1 Administrative Regulation: Reporting Incidents of Violence

707.1 Administrative Regulation: Equipment Replacement

708.1 Administrative Regulation: Bomb Threat

708.3 Administrative Regulation: Emergency Closure

709.2 Administrative Regulation: Purchasing

709.5 Administrative Regulation: Sales Calls and Demonstrations

710.1 Administrative Regulation: Transportation - Eligibility Conditions and Registration

710.2 Administrative Regulation: Transportation - Operating Instructions

710.3 Administrative Regulation: Transportation - Students with Special Needs

710.4 Administrative Regulation: Transportation - Registration and Fees

710.5 Administrative Regulation: Vehicles on Board Property 

710.9 Administrative Regulation: District Vehicle Accidents

710.10 Administrative Regulation: Use of School District Vehicles

711.1 Administrative Regulation: Rental Vehicles

712.2 Administrative Regulation: Printing and Duplicating Services

712.3 Administrative Regulation: Production Facilities

712.5 Administrative Regulation: Telephone Service 

713.3 Administrative Regulation: Proof of Loss Claims

714.1 Administrative Regulation: Computer Use, Management and Configuration

715.1 Administrative Regulation: Websites

716.1 Administrative Regulation: Video Surveillance

717.1 Administrative Regulation: Trespassing

800 - Business Services

803.1 Administrative Regulation: Acquisition and Disposal of Real Estate

804.1 Administrative Regulation: School Financial Transparency

805.1 Administrative Regulation: School Funds

809.9 Administrative Regulation: Construction Contracts, Bidding and Awards

809.10 Administrative Regulation: Allocation of Capital Equipment Funds

900 - Community Relations

902.1 Administrative Regulation: Volunteers

903.1 Administrative Regulation: DPAC

904.1 Administrative Regulation: School PACs

904.2 Administrative Regulation: Insurance Extension to PAC Activities

906.1 Administrative Regulation: Community Use of Facilities

907.1 Administrative Regulation: Education, Business and Community Partnerships

908.1 Administrative Regulation: Historical Records Preservation

910.1 Administrative Regulation: Advertising in Schools

911.1 Administrative Regulation: Community Schools

918.1 Administrative Regulation: General Guidelines for Fundraising

919.2 Administrative Regulation: Services for Handicapped Students

920.1 Administrative Regulation: Smudging


Form 905: Activity Authorization - Insurance Extension to PAC Activities

Form 905: Activity Authorization - Insurance Extension to PAC Activities FILLABLE

A complete version of the Chilliwack School District's Administrative Procedure/Regulation manual is available HERE. This PDF document has bookmarks and the content is searchable.