700 - Support Services

The Board of Education is in the process of reviewing its Bylaws and Policies to ensure they are current and functional, and that they align with the School Act, Regulations and Orders in Council, and Ministerial Orders.

Policies that are stricken have been completed. Please refer to Policy Manual (New).



701 Policy: Occupational Health and Safety

702 Policy: First Aid

704 Policy: Violence Prevention

708 Policy: Emergency Closure

709 Policy: Purchasing

710 Policy: Transportation

711 Policy: Rental Vehicles

714 Policy: Computer Use, Management and Configuration

715 Policy: Websites

716 Policy: Video Surveillance

717 Policy: Trespassing

718 Policy: Anti-Idling

719 Policy: Environment


Board Regulations

701.2 Board Regulation: Bus Driver Medicals


Administrative Regulations