600 - Instructional Educational Programs

The Board of Education is in the process of reviewing its Bylaws and Policies to ensure they are current and functional, and that they align with the School Act, Regulations and Orders in Council, and Ministerial Orders.

Policies that are stricken have been completed. Please refer to Policy Manual (New).



601 Policy: Learning Resources

602 Policy: Conducting Research

603 Policy: BAA Courses

604 Policy: Library Learning Commons

605 Policy: Technology Use

606 Policy: Challenges to the use of Learning Resources

607 Policy: Placement of Special Needs Students

608 Policy: Assistance Dogs

610 Policy: Pets-Animals in the Classroom

611 Policy: District Programs and Schools of Choice

612 Policy: Alternate Delivery in the Physical and Health Education (K-10), and Planning 10 Curricula

613 Policy: Special Academies

623 Policy: Student Field Experiences

627 Policy: Physical Activity

628 Policy: French Immersion

629 Policy: Career Programs


Administrative Regulations