500 - Students

The Board of Education is in the process of reviewing its Bylaws and Policies to ensure they are current and functional, and that they align with the School Act, Regulations and Orders in Council, and Ministerial Orders.

Policies that are stricken have been completed. Please refer to Policy Manual (New).



500 Policy: Drugs and Alcohol

501 Policy: Student Behaviour

502 Policy: Student Search and Seizure

503 Policy: Interrogation or Interviewing of Students by Police in Schools

504 Policy: Ordinarily Resident and Non-Resident Students

506 Policy: Administering Medications to Students

507 Policy: Student Records

508 Policy: Distance Learning Ordinarily Resident

510 Policy: Financial Awards

511 Policy: International Student Program

512 Policy: Supervision of Students

513 Policy: Student Safety Equipment

514 Policy: Safe Schools

515 Policy: Weapons

516 Policy: Sharing Information by Child and Youth Care Workers

517 Policy: Health-Promoting Schools

518 Policy: Distribution of Information or Materials

519 Policy: Dispute Resolution

520 Policy: Adult Student Fees

521 Policy: Challenge for Credit

522 Policy: Equivalency

523 Policy: School Fees

524 Policy: Physical Restraint of Students

525 Policy: Support for Student Education Programs

526 Policy: Allergic Shock - Anaphylaxis

527 Policy: Acceleration

530 Policy: Home School

531 Policy: School Admission and Choice

532 Policy: Extra Curricular School Sports

533 Policy: Maintenance of Order

534 Policy: Student Dress Guidelines

535 Policy: Provision of Menstrual Products


Administrative Regulations