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500 - Students

500 Policy: Drugs and Alcohol

500.1 Administrative Regulation: Drugs and Alcohol

501 Policy: Student Behaviour

501.1 Administrative Regulation: Student Discipline and Suspension

501.2 Administrative Regulation: Student Behaviour -Sexual Harassment

502 Policy: Student Search and Seizure

503 Policy: Interrogation or Interviewing of Students by Police in Schools

503.1 Administrative Regulation: Interrogation of Students by Police

504 Policy: Ordinarily Resident and Non-Resident Students

504.1 Administrative Regulation: Ordinarily Resident and Non-Resident Students

506 Policy: Administering Medications to Students

506.1 Administrative Regulation: Information on the Medical Alert Form

507 Policy: Student Records

507.1 Administrative Regulation: Student Records

507.2 Administrative Regulation: Information for Non/Co-Custodial

508 Policy: Distance Learning Ordinarily Resident

510 Policy: Financial Awards

510.1 Administrative Regulation: District / Authority Awards

511 Policy: International Student Program

511.1 Administrative Regulation: International Student Program

512 Policy: Supervision of Students

512.1 Administrative Regulation: Supervision of Students during Noon Intermission

513 Policy: Student Safety Equipment

514 Policy: Safe Schools

514.1 Administrative Regulation: Safe Schools

515 Policy: Weapons

516 Policy: Sharing Information by Child and Youth Care Workers

516.1 Administrative Regulation: Sharing Information by Child and Youth Care Workers

517 Policy: Health-Promoting Schools

518 Policy: Distribution of Information or Materials

518.1 Administrative Regulation: Distribution of Information or Materials

519 Policy: Dispute Resolution

519.1 Administrative Regulation: Dispute Resolution

520 Policy: Adult Student Fees

521 Policy: Challenge for Credit

521.1 Administrative Regulation: Challenge for Credit

522 Policy: Equivalency

522.1 Administrative Regulation: Equivalency

523 Policy: School Fees

523.1 Administrative Regulation: School Fees

524 Policy: Physical Restraint of Students

524.1 Administrative Regulation: Physical Restraint and Seclusion

525 Policy: Support for Student Education Programs

525.1 Administrative Regulation: Support for Student Education Programs

526 Policy: Allergic Shock - Anaphylaxis

526.1 Administrative Regulation: Anaphylaxis Guidelines

527 Policy: Acceleration

527.1 Administrative Regulation: Acceleration

530 Policy: Home School

530.1 Administrative Regulation: Home School Guidelines

531 Policy: School Admission and Choice

531.1 Administrative Regulation: School Admission and Choice

532 Policy: Extra Curricular School Sports

533 Policy: Maintenance of Order

534 Policy: Student Dress Guidelines

534.1 Administrative Regulation: Student Dress Guidelines

535 Policy: Provision of Menstrual Products


All school use forms can be accessed by staff on SharePoint.

Form 506.1A: Medical Alert Form PRINT

Form 506.1A: Medical Alert Form FILLABLE

Form 506.1B: Request for Administration of Medication at School

Form 506.1C: Medicine Dispensing Record

Form 506.1D: Request for Temporary Administration of Non-Prescription Medication at School

Form 518.1: Distribution of Materials