200 - The Board


200 Policy: Development of Policies and Regulations

201 Policy: Suspension of Policies and Board Approved Regulations

202 Policy: Administration in Policy Absence

203 Policy: General Powers and Duties of the Board

204 Policy: Governance Principles

205 Policy: Code of Ethics for Trustees

206 Policy: Duties of Chair and Vice Chair

207 Policy: Electronic Participation by Trustees

208 Policy: Board Member Oath-Affirmation of Office

209 Policy: Election of Trustees to Board Positions

210 Policy: Inaugural Meeting

211 Policy: Regular Public Meetings

212 Policy: In-Camera Meetings

213 Policy: Special Meetings

214 Policy: Planning Meetings

215 Policy: Rules of Order

216 Policy: Motions

217 Policy: Debate

218 Policy: Voting

219 Policy: Conflict of Interest

220 Policy: Public Participation

221 Policy: Delegations and Representations

222 Policy: Board Committees

223 Policy: Liaison Trustee

224 Policy: External Representation

225 Policy: Board - Superintendent Relationship

226 Policy: Board Self-Evaluation

227 Policy: Trustee Remuneration

228 Policy: Trustee Expenses

229 Policy: Trustee Electronic Communication Support

231 Policy: School Calendar

232 Policy: Trustee Bursary

233 Policy: Recording of Regular Public Meetings

234 Policy: Budget Monitoring and Reporting

234.1 Administrative Regulation: Budget Monitoring and Reporting

235 Policy: Accumulated Operating Surplus

235.1 Administrative Regulation: Accumulated Operating Surplus


222 Policy: Board Committees - Appendix A

223 Policy: Liaison Trustee - Appendix A

224 Policy:  External Representation - Appendix A

226 Policy: Board Self-Evaluation - Appendix A

226 Policy: Board Self-Evaluation - Appendix A Fillable

Board Regulations

222.1 BR Board Committees

222.1 BR Board Committees - Audit Committee

222.1 BR Board Committees - Budget Committee

233.1 BR - Recording of Regular Public Meetings


Bylaw 1 - Board Operating Procedures

Bylaw 2 - Trustee Elections

Bylaw 3 - Indemnification

Bylaw 4 - Appeal Procedure

Bylaw 4 - Notice of Appeal Appendix 4.1


Form 233.1A - Parent Consent for Recording

Form 233.1B - Staff-Public Consent for Recording

Information & Announcements

Proposed Integrated Arts and Technology School of Choice

The Chilliwack School District has purchased former UFV buildings which contain a functioning high end theatre, and large culinary arts space. This land purchase will be used as a future school for hundreds of Chilliwack students. 

Chilliwack School District invites the public to join us at Public Consultation meetings:

April 16, 2019, 7:00pm at Chilliwack NLC (46361 Yale Road)

April 24, 2019, 7:00pm at Sardis Secondary School (45460 Stevenson Road) 


Registration for 2019/20 School Year is open.

After you have registered, you will receive a system generated email confirming that your registration has been received. You will be contacted by your catchment school in the new year (January 2019).